Marijke’s Grove

The Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation and Paradise Ridge Winery welcome you to Marijke’s Grove, this unique outdoor gallery featuring Conversations in Sculpture, an exhibition of sculpture designed to encourage visual dialogue.

As conversation is an exchange of ideas, formulated thoughts or opinions. Each of the artists has been asked a question. Each of their works then describes an answer in three dimensions.

The works of eleven artists have been installed as their works address diverse topics such as inner and outer space, nature versus man, visual communication, conflict, geometry, ambiguity . . . The sculptures have been created in the studio, specific to the site, or fabricated especially for this exhibit.

So, while walking throughout the grounds, we are encouraged to interact with the sculptures, the environment and one another. This is an opportunity to pursue an exchange: the receipt and acceptance of insight and interaction.

The exhibit continues through Spring 2016.