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Art in Paradise

Paradise for the Senses

Paradise Ridge Winery offers its visitors far more than fine wine; it is an Art Paradise for the senses. Guests are invited to wander through life-size sculptures in Marijke’s Grove, gaze upon panoramic vineyard views, have a vineyard adventure or explore Fountaingrove history and the tales of its legendary winemaker.

The unique wine country experience begins after passing through the entrance gate and arriving at Paradise Meadows, an open field which is home to a two Story LOVE Sculpture and the Temple of Remembrance, where visitors can leave notes to their loved ones who have passed. Further along the path continues to reveal Marijke’s Grove, a sculpture exhibit nestled in a four-acre grove of ancient gnarled oaks. Within the wooden glens are “galleries” connected by simple footpaths. Sculptures are displayed among mossy rocks and small grassy clearings in this natural outdoor gallery. Rather than acquiring a permanent sculpture collection, Marijke’s Grove supports the arts by creating an annually changing exhibit space where art, ideas and nature converge. Adjacent to the grove, in the environs of the Nagasawa winemaking building, an art garden reveals additional sculptures displayed among the trees.

In the Tasting Room at the winery, the walls reveal a historical exhibit focusing on the life of the Samurai turned winemaker Kanaye Nagasawa. Recently updated, the exhibit tells the story of Nagasawa who was one of the first Japanese to immigrate into the United States in 1867 and became the winemaker for the legendary Fountaingrove Winery. In 1995 Paradise Ridge dedicated a Chardonnay vineyard to honor Nagasawa and this limited Paradise Ridge wine proudly designates “Nagasawa Vineyard” on its label.

The gates to the estate are open from 11-4:30 daily, allowing visitors plenty of time to experience that Paradise Ridge is indeed, a paradise for the senses.

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