The Byck Family

From the original seven, the Byck family has grown to 20 members. Below is a photograph taken at one of the many family gatherings on winery property in the summer of 2009.

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The Byck Family  (from left to right)

Back Row - Rene Byck, Dan Barwick, Sonia Byck-Barwick, John Kessler, Carole-Anne Byck-Kessler, Dawn Valler, Maria Byck, Walter Byck

Middle Row - Arianna Kessler, Carson Byck

Front Row - Sophia Barwick, Jonathan Barwick, Janneke Byck, Malia Kessler, Eliza Byck, Holly Byck, Adianka Byck (on lap), Peter Byck, Carina Kessler (on lap) Jordan Byck.