Kenwood Herb Garden

kenwood herb garden.jpgHerb Garden & Wine Sensory Experience

Indulge in a sense-ational wine country experience. The Wine Herb Garden at the Kenwood Tasting Room & Art Gallery is the passionate collaboration between our own Annette McDonnell & Swede’s Feeds Nursery.

The garden showcases the amazing flavors you can find in wine, as well as their Culinary Wine Pairings (CWP) to help you create your own delicious wine country inspired cuisine.

This experience is self guided, with a take home guide to enjoy and help plan your own fabulous herb garden. 

1. Lemon Cucumbers
- Citrus Aromas are often associated with sauvignon blanc, but also found in California chardonnays & rieslings. CWP - Bright whites with good acidity.
2. Tomato Japanese black Trifele - CWP - Great in sauces, this low acid tomato can pair with both light to medium bodied red wines.
3. Bell Pepper - This aroma can be found in young reds. If it is subtle, it adds a nice hint of spice. But if it overpowers, it may indicate that the grapes were under ripe. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot could have this aroma. Grassy Sauvignon Blancs may also exhibit bell pepper. CWP - Great in sauces to pair with California cabernet Sauvignon
4. Strawberries - The sweet smell of strawberries can be found in Roses, Pinot noir, occasionally the aroma of strawberry is found in Classified Bordeaux wines. CWP – Fresh strawberries and soft cheese is a simple way to complement a nice, light bodied pinot noir. Dark chocolate dipped strawberries and Cabernet Sauvignon, a classic.
5. French Sorrel - Bright citrus flavors with hints of peppery spice. Found in New Zealand style sauvignon blanc and dry California chardonnays. CWP - Mix in a salad to add brightness and pair with a dry Sauvignon Blanc.
6. Fennel - Anise, fennel, and Licorice all describe the sweet aromatic sent. This appealing aroma occurs in red wines, and also found in some whites made from Riesling, Pinot Grigio, and un–oaked Chardonnays. CWP - Use fresh or in sauces to add interest and depth to pair with both white & red wines.
7. Fenugreek - An Indian spice aroma found in Syrah. CWP - use seeds for wonderful savory depth in marinades, sauces and more. Best paired with reds including Cabernet, Zinfandel and Syrah.
8. Genovese Basil - Described as an herbaceous sent found in aged reds. Encountered in California Cabernets and dry whites. CWP - Most frequently used in a traditional Italian pesto. A Savory herb which pairs with both Red & whites.
9. Purple Basil - Often it is associated with new oak aging. Purple basil exhibits’ note of cloves and savory spice – clove is sometimes described in Pinot Noir, aged reds and cabernets. CWP - Deep spicy flavors best to create depth in recipes which pair with deep reds.
10. Lemon Basil - Citrus Aromas are often associated with Sauvignon Blanc. Also found in Chardonnays & Rieslings CWP - bright note of citrus will bring out the bright qualities in white wines. 11. Berggarten Sage  An essence found in wines aged in American Oak barrels. CWP - The most common sage, most frequently used in tomato based sauces and paired with bold Cabernets.
12. Pineapple Sage - Tropical notes found in Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blanc, Rieslings. CWP – Can be used in a light marinade to add tropical notes to fish, chicken and pork.
13. Tarragon - CWP – Amazing in a light sauce paired with traditional California Chardonnay.
14. Greek oregano – Nuance found in both whites & reds. Described as an herbaceous sent found in dry Sauvignon Blanc and reds aged in new oak. CWP - Can add depth to any sauce.
15. Stevia - Sweet with a honey taste and smell. The aroma appears in wines with botrytis, including Sauternes, late harvest wines and Chardonnays and Moscato. CWP - will add sweetness to any recipe.
16. Rosemary - Described as an herbaceous sent found in aged Reds. Found in California Cabernets and dry whites. CWP – widely used in almost all types of California cuisine.
17. Thyme - Described as an herbaceous sent found in Sauvignon Blancs. CWP – Stands out in recipes with fish, pork and chicken to pair with light white wines.
18. Lemon Thyme - Bright note of citrus aromas are often associated with Sauvignon Blanc. CWP – use to create brightness to any lighter dish.
19. Lemon Verbena - Aroma and flavor found in Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blancs and Dry Reislings. CWP - Used to add vibrance to lighter cuisine. Also wonderful to add fabulous flavor to sun tea.
20. Thai Basil - Has subtle spices of cinnamon, clove and Middle Eastern spices. CWP – Frequently used in Thai dishes to add depth. Pairs well with Sauvignon Blanc and Rhone style wines.