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Wines & Sunsets

We are proud to host our signature Wine Country Event, the popular Wednesday Evening Wines & Sunsets. Ongoing from mid-May through October, visitors are invited to enjoy mouthwatering wines, festive live music, local gourmet food vendors.  All while enjoying spectacular panoramic sunsets from the winery’s expansive veranda and beautiful poetry terrace.

For Tickets – Click Book Online – ( Ages 6 and older must have a ticket)

Wines and Sunsets does sell out and has a maximum capacity of 250 people

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Important Guidelines for enjoying this fabulous event:

  • On these special evenings our tasting room is closed and guests will find a wonderful selection of award winning wines available to purchase by the glass or by the bottle at regular retail price plus tax.
  • Please be aware that only wines purchased at Wines & Sunsets are appropriate, no outside alcohol allowed.
  • Groups no larger than 8 please.
  • So that we may set up nicely for this event, please arrive NO earlier than 5:30 pm.
  • Due to food service, no Dogs are allowed on these evenings.
  • Sonoma County Evenings can get chilly – bring jackets to keep warm.
  • We provide glasses for wine only – please bring water glasses and other picnic items and utensils you need.
  • We encourage you to bring non-alcoholic beverages including water with you. We sell bottled water for $1.84 + tax.

Local Markets to Find Delicious Picnic Items:

For more information please e-mail [email protected]

We look forward to sharing sumptuous wines, stunning sunsets and unforgettable evenings with you!

Line up of Music, Food, and Dessert Vendors (subject to change but currently up to date)

May 10th – Music: The Blues Burners Food: Zazu Black Piglet Dessert: Coldstone Creamery

May 17th – Music: Carlos Herrera Band Food: Worth Our Weight  Dessert:  Sweet Expectations

May 24th – Music: Rosetown Ramblers Food: Foodie Farmhouse Dessert:  Recherche du Plasir

May 31st – Music: Solid Air Food: Falafel Fix Dessert:  Patisserie Angelica

June 7th – Music: Carlos Herrera Band Food: Zazu Black Piglet  Dessert:  Coldstone Creamery

June 14th – Music: Honey B & the Pollinators Food: Worth Our Weight Dessert: Cookie Take a Bite

June 21st – Music: Rosetown Ramblers Food: Nellie’s Oysters  Dessert:  Sweet Expectations

June 28th – Music: Blues Burners  Food & Dessert: The Girl & the Fig’s Fig Rig

July 5th – Music: Solid Air  Food: Vineyard Crust Company Dessert:  Coldstone Creamery

July 12th – Music: Blues Burners Food: Falafel Fix  Dessert: Patisserie Angelica

July 19th – Music: Honey B & the Pollinators Food:  Zazu Black Piglet  Dessert: Cookie Take a Bite

July 26th – Music: Rosetown Ramblers Food: Foodie Farmhouse Dessert: Master Piece Cakes

Aug 2nd – Music: The Incognito Band Food: Falafel Fix  Dessert:  Recherche du Plasir

Aug 9th – Music: Blues Burners Food: Worth Our Weight  Dessert:  Coldstone Creamery

Aug 16th – Music: Da Puna Bruddah  Food: Foodie Farmhouse     Dessert: Patisserie Angelica

Aug 23rd – Music: Honey B & the Pollinators Food: Nellie’s Oysters Dessert:  Master Piece Cakes

Aug 30th – Music: Rosetown Ramblers Food: The Wurst Grill  Dessert: Cookie Take a Bite

Sept 6th – Music: Carlos Herrera Band Food: El Coyote Taco Truck Dessert:  Coldstone Creamery

Sept 13th – Music: The Incognito Band Food: Tips Tri Tip Trolley Dessert:  Cookie Take a Bite

Sept 20th – Music: The Blues Burners Food: The Wurst Grill Dessert:  Coldstone Creamery

Sept 27th – Music: Honey B and The Pollinators Food and Dessert: The Girl & the Fig’s Fig Rig

Oct. 4th – Music: Solid Air  Food: Nellie’s Oysters  Dessert:  Master Piece Cakes

Oct. 11th – Music: Rosetown Ramblers Food and Dessert: The Girl & the Fig’s Fig Rig

Oct. 18th – Music: Carlos Herrera Band Food:  Foodie Farmhouse  Dessert:  Cookie Take a Bite

Oct. 25th – Music: The Blues Burners  Food: Tips Tri Tip Trolley  Dessert:  Coldstone Creamery