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2014 Blanc de Blanc Sparkling, Russian River Valley

2014 Blanc de Blanc Sparkling, Russian River Valley

$ 44.00

This Sparkling wine is our 4th offering made with fruit from the acclaimed ‘Bazzano’ vineyard in the Russian River Valley.

Dry farming these vines for the past 24 years has pushed their root systems deep down into the well-drained alluvial soil looking for moisture, where the roots also feed on hidden trace elements that somehow magically transform themselves into something rather special in the finished wine. I believe that this, in conjunction with a long ‘hang-time’ is why we experience some extraordinary qualities from this fruit. This wine in particular shows a really seductive and vibrant lemon character on both the nose and palate, something that I have never experienced before; all really quite delicious.

Perfect wine for making every day a celebration!

Alcohol 12.2%

Pairs perfectly with Chef Bruce Riezenman of Park Avenue Catering’s Shrimp Apple Fritters…yum!