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2014 The Convict, Branham Vineyard, Rockpile

2014 The Convict, Branham Vineyard, Rockpile

$ 48.00


The Convict is named for the labor used by the sheriff, Tennessee Carter Bishop, in the 1870’s to carve a 15 mile road to his property in the rugged mountainous terrain of Rockpile. The depth & complexity of this wine come from our four old vine zinfandel clones planted on steep rocky terraces overlooking Lake Sonoma.  Sitting at 1500 feet above sea level, the undulating earth & desolate locale of these vineyards create intense characteristics expressive of its rich history.

Our fourth wine made from this jewel of a vineyard, and showing some of that muscle we expect from this region along with layers of bright fruit, a keen acidity and broad mouthfeel. 

Only 400 cases produced